Things I Love About Being Autistic…

1. I spot patterns really easily – I can’t really help it. This has really helped me understand a lot about the world and is part of the reason I understand what being autistic is all about, I think. 2. When I’m in the ‘zone’ my hyperfocus on something I’m working on can be veryContinue reading “Things I Love About Being Autistic…”

How Meltdowns Affect Autistic People

After an autistic meltdown, things can take a while to get back to normal. Firstly you’ve got the physical ramifications. For me, meltdowns are exhausting because it feels like every muscle tenses up, often accompanied by stimming that can be a bit more… intense than usual. The stimming, I guess, is a desperate attempt toContinue reading “How Meltdowns Affect Autistic People”

Autism and Communication

A lot of an autistic person’s anxiety and trauma (often so bad that it is disabling in itself) comes from repeated experiences of communication going horribly wrong due to the different ways autistic people and non-autistic people communicate. I often use the analogy that autistic people are using a different operating system to neurotypical folk,Continue reading “Autism and Communication”