Things I Love About Being Autistic…

My ability on Minecraft is thanks, at least in part, to my autistic brain.

1. I spot patterns really easily – I can’t really help it. This has really helped me understand a lot about the world and is part of the reason I understand what being autistic is all about, I think.

2. When I’m in the ‘zone’ my hyperfocus on something I’m working on can be very useful. So long as I remember to eat and drink, I can be pretty productive.

3. I enjoy being hyperlexic – obviously it’s a big reason I’ve become a writer and speaker, and I love messing around with language and trying to create sentences that work as well as possible.

4. I love being part of the huge online #autistic community. It’s a place where so many autistic people have finally found a sense of belonging and acceptance, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

5. I like the straightforward nature of natural autistic communication. Yes it clashes with the neurotypical majority but I appreciate it for what it is.

6. I love my hyperfixations and special interests, and how calming they are, and how much joy I find in them. So much more than just hobbies, they literally make me able to face the day.

7. I don’t like my executive dysfunction much but I do like how it feels when I overcome it and get myself all organised! It can happen, and occasionally does.

8. I love the safety and secure feeling of a good routine – one that really works for me. It is a port in a storm, a haven from the stresses of being on this weird planet.

9. Though it can be tiring, I like having that strong sense of justice that so many autistic people report. It can create sense out of a nonsensical world.

10. I like autistic friendships and how they work on such a long timescale without necessarily needing constant tending to thrive. Also the companionship of fellow autistics, whose brains work in similar ways, is a real comfort.

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